Weather Lore

What would The Weather Channel be like if it Paganism was the leading theology today, and the scientific revolution never happened? Weather Lore is a brief exploration of what life may be like if these turning points in our nation’s history were to have never happened. By overlaying samples of ancient weather lore beliefs on found weather channel footage, I am exploring the position a large network such as the Weather Channel may take in a down-graded scientific and technological context.

“Weather Lore” aims to critically analyze the importance of technology, specifically weather forecasting, within our society, and imagine a world without the ability to check our laptops or television sets before we decided on wearing a sweater or a tank-top. My project uses weather forecasting as a catalyst for a larger discussion on tradition, its importance, and society’s reliance on technological advancement, in every aspect of our lives. Will a perfect future involve technology?

Medium: Stills from Weather Channel overlay.


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