Artist Statement

Matthew Manos uses transmedia design as a method of authorship in order to provide new perspectives on the things we forget about. His work aims to marry a passion for business, activism, and story-telling in order to form cultural critique and raise questions about the capabilities and potentials of both the design and business industries. Matthew uses design-oriented research in order to explore all mediums and technologies to formulate results that lead to more inquiry. Matthew is both a fictional and non-fictional entrepreneur interested in exploring and innovating new modes of business plan creation in order to use capitalism as a topic for design research, and business as a tool for the creation of art and design.


Matthew’s interest in entrepreneurship became evident at an early age after having started his first successful business by the age of 16. Matthew’s current venture, “a verynice design studio,” is the first internationally operating social graphic design enterprise. Thanks to the support of over 30 volunteers across the globe, verynice has been able to dedicate over 70% of it’s work to pro-bono services. The work of Matthew and his studio has created impact in over 14 countries providing services including web design, branding, environmental design, film, marketing, and business design among others. Matthew has been invited to speak across the nation, most recently at UCLA, WKU, Art Center College of Design, and the Social Entrepreneur Alliance at Pepperdine. Aside from his own business, Matthew has held senior level design positions at Philosophie and Kukla Studios, two Los Angeles based design firms, and currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Youth Leadership America, and is the Global Director of Integrated Marketing for The $100 Solution. Matthew has also had internship experience at Saatchi & Saatchi, GOOD Magazine, Beautiful/Decay, Hello Design, Rebeca Mendez Design, and the UCLA Art Sci Center.

Matthew’s work has been showcased in several galleries in Los Angeles, and has been internationally published in over 50 print and online venues. Most recently, one of Matthew’s fictional enterprises, “Black Tea,” a tea brand for the anarchist demographic, was featured in Los Logos: Compass, published by Gestatlen in Germany.

Matthew has a passion for teaching, and currently works as a Teaching Assistant for Business 101 at Art Center and is a part-time faculty member at Creative World Art School in Arcadia teaching new media to elementary school students. Previously, Matthew has taught Graphic Design at the UCLA Design Media Arts Summer Institute, worked as a private tutor, volunteered as a 4th grade art teacher for the I Have a Dream Foundation, and has taught various workshops on design in Los Angeles.

Matthew holds a B.A. in Design Media Arts from UCLA (2010), and is currently working towards his Master’s Degree (MFA) in Media Design at the Art Center College of Design. Upon graduating UCLA, Matthew was awarded the Chancellor’s Service Award in recognition of his devotion to the use of design as a method of community service.


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