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Fictional Entrepreneurship as a tool for designers

The other day I made a post defining Fictional Entrepreneurship and spoke about it as a method for entrepreneurs. This post aims to continue that thread, highlighting the possible applications of Fictional Entrepreneurship as a tool for graphic designers.

If all of us designers, especially brand identity specialists, take a moment and think back at the best client work we have done, or some of the best brand work we have seen on the internet, it is clear that the success of that project’s design is directly tied to the client. Let’s face it – a really interesting client such as a pastry shop that caters only to bulldogs will result in a piece of design that is (often times) much more interesting and intriguing to outside viewers than your average identity for a an average business.

I would like to argue that it is not necessarily the designer’s style, typeface selection, or color combination that makes a client project thrive, but instead the creativity within the client’s business plan. Interesting business and creative entrepreneurship inspires strong design work that breaks new grounds within the field of design.

Designing as a fictional entrepreneur allows artists to dream up the most bizarre and innovative business plans, and use them as a tool for making. Instead of waiting for that AWESOME client to come knocking on your door, be the client. Doing so will allow a designer to contribute to critical discourse within the field of business, proving that design thinking is the most prominent approach to innovative business. As skilled design-thinkers, we have developed a strong eye for understanding visual trends, realizing the psychology behind our experiences, and defining new culture through the innovation of unseen niches within our industry. These skills are what makes a designer a powerful driving force for entrepreneurial endeavors.


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