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The Utopian Designer Society

The Utopian Designer Society (UDS) is a Fictional “club” of sorts that dedicates their lives to creating art-works that rely on process, not final outcome. Every year, the UDS meets to complete a project in which each member of the society designs a perfect world. Upon completing the project, each member is to immediately destroy their creation. This manifesto serves as a representation of a concept of mine – the idea that utopia is not a place, but a destination. I believe that the act of lookign for utopia is, in it of itself, utopia. If we were to ever discover utopia, I believe that the entire world would immediately re-set, similar to a “big-bang.” Similarly, I find that my ideal future would be one that is not rid of all of it’s problems, but instead one that believes it can be. Always be in the pursuit of the donut! Forget the hole.


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