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YPORTNE: a business plan fiction

close up of YPORTNE products: 1 bowl of Pasta for a world of reversed Entropy

YPORTNE is a piece of business plan fiction, exploring design fiction, but more specifically fictional entrepreneurship as a catalyst for discussion about conglomeration, it’s flaws, and it’s potentials. The YPORTNE story is told within the framework of a business plan, using revisions and time itself as individual characters in the story. YPORTNE is inspired by Steven Hawking’s concept that, as our world reaches indefinite expansion, it will begin to contract, resulting in a world with reversed entropy. How would a business handle this? Would a perfect world be able to produce products that make our daily lives efficient despite the restrictions of nature? Download business plan (PDF)

spread from YPORTNE business plan

“YPORTNE aims to provide the world with products that can help make our world of reversed entropy more livable. This new natural creation of order from all disorder will lead to the conclusion to all world wars resulting in world peace, and the impossibility of destruction to our household possessions. This reversal of time will change the way in which our customers perceive the world, turning death into birth, and birth into death, and creating a world that is, by definition, flawless. However, with flawlessness comes an entirely new set of previously unforeseen flaws. This is where YPORTNE comes in. YPORTNE exists to lead the business world as a new type of conglomerate, one that will take leadership over 100% of the global market, their products, and their employees, making every product and service possible in response to the inevitable reversal of entropy.”

spread from YPORTNE business plan

Fictional Entrepreneurship is the use of design fiction to imagine businesses in order to discover what could be, creating things that are not impossible, but possible, derived from utopian, theoretical, and philosophical principles. Fictional entrepreneurship aims to author critical media through the creation of enterprises (imaginary, and real).

Image of a product beginning the transformation: Particles > Product


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The importance of Fictional Entrepreneurship

Fictional Entrepreneurship (Business Design Fiction) takes what is expected of the future, and turns it on it’s head in order to change the ways in which we understand the world, and the way we understand the future of business design. Fictional Entrepreneurship is a method of story-telling through imagining new business and a tool to help imagine new innovations within the business industry in order to craft the culture of the future, or critique the culture of the present.

The design of fictional business can accomplish more than the design or growth of any non-fictional business. Business is an industry that is extremely limited by practicality due to the interest of investors, demographics, and financial matters. The desire for efficiency and viability is a hindrance on the creativity of an entrepreneur, and the ability for an entrepreneur to define our future. Fictional Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, requires no investment of money, only the investment of imagination.

Fictional Entrepreneurship not only has the ability to imagine what future businesses might look like, or be capable of through their products, but also has the ability to define what our future culture is, and, even more so, the future of our world.



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